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MyData's remote support makes it easy and simple to provide IT support.

We use a remote support tool called TeamViewer. The program connects people and their computers in an incredibly fast and easy way. Share the computer screen and allow our IT supporter to remotely access your computer so he can see the problem with his own eyes, and quickly remedy it.

MyData specializes in external PC support, which means that once you have an appointment, you will be guided through the entire process. From the installation of the remote support tool, to the final solution of your IT challenges, takes place with us in the tube.

Our Specialized IT supporters are ready on all weekdays to help you with your IT challenges. This means that you have to wait a maximum of a few minutes before you can get help with your or your company's computers.

At MyData, we have been using our remote support program to solve support tasks since 2010, which has resulted in huge savings and cost reductions in support tasks. These are benefits that benefit our customers, and have meant that since 2016 we have been able to offer unlimited free Danish support to all our premium customers.

In this way, both small and medium-sized companies can benefit from IT security and support, which until now was only available to large global companies.

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